What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates earn money with our business course affiliate program by promoting our classes on their website, social media, blog, etc. Rather than having to build a business from scratch, buy inventory, and go through the hassles of customer service, all you have to do is send traffic to companies (like us). When the referral (through a tracked link or promo code) makes a purchase, the affiliate gets paid a percentage of the sale. It’s that easy.

How Much Money Can I Make as an Affiliate for Action Mavens?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with us an affiliate! The more you talk about our classes, the more sales you can make, and the more you can earn!

Monthly Sales Revenue Share

  • 5% revenue share for each individual course sold

  • 20% revenue share for each lifetime membership sold

  • 15% revenue share for each monthly membership sold

  • BONUSES for top performers and milestones are also available.

Minimum Requirements

To be an affiliate for Action Mavens you have to apply and be approved. We will be requesting more details about how you plan on marketing us, where etc..


  1. You must at least 1,000 followers

  2. Your follower count must be real (yes, we do check)

  3. The engagement on your profile must be realistic

  4. You must post about our product no less than once per month

  5. You may not defame our brand or product at any time

Website Owners

  1. Your domain name must be no less than 3-months old

  2. You must have no less than 1,000 unique sessions per month

  3. You must be written in a language that our website also supports

  4. Your website inbound link-profile must be approved

  5. No porn, torrent, spam, or sites with illegal products &/or services

We Encourage

  1. Course Reviews

  2. Comparison Lists

  3. Press/Media Outreach

  4. Contests

  5. Social Media Posts

  6. Email Campaigns

Content Requirements

  • All content must follow our brand guidelines. Upon approval, we will send our brand guidelines, marketing materials you can use along with your payment request form.

Other Details

  • Monthly Payouts via ACH


Bonuses and competitions will be announced from time to time. Be on the lookout for these, especially around the holidays.

Apply to be an Action Mavens Affiliate

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