woman showing self discipline by working hard

Do You Have The Self Discipline to Start a Business?

Are you ready to start your business but lack the a self discipline to start a business? It’s easy to get lost when trying to decide how to manage your tasks. ┬áThere are a variety of apps online to help you organize tasks but they can’t make you complete them. Below are a few tips on how to keep yourself in check when procrastination rears its ugly head.

Identify What You Need Self Discipline In

Having a hard time eating right? Do you tend to open up facebook instead of finishing writing that blog? Be honest with yourself and get aware of all the areas of your life where self discipline is difficult for you. If you need to lock your phone to prevent social media scrolling, there are apps that can do that for you. If your living situation is a distraction, start with going to coffee shops or co-working spaces to get away as a first step. You can assess leaving the situation permanently or starting a conversation with your house-mates as a task in the future. For now, get yourself in a space that allows you to begin.

Simplify Your Goals to Make Self Discipline Easier

If you start with “build a business” you will get confused when trying to pick the first step. You can get better results if you start with a goal that is a stepping stone to your larger goal. Start with what you are passionate about. If you can think of a profession that you would do for free, that is a great place to start. Hobbies are not always the best ideas for business; your expertise in that hobby will make or break it. After you choose a passion, you should begin research on its viability as a product to be sold. Need help understanding how to do this research?

Create a Deadline, and Stick to It.

If you don’t give yourself a starting and stopping point, you can get lost in procrastination again. A good way to ignite your desires is to start with your simplified goal and make it’s deadline NOW. Achieving one step, even if it is as simple as making a phone call, can give you the satisfaction to remind yourself of the pleasure in completing a task. Use this feeling of accomplishment as an incentive to finish another step and get that rush of adrenaline again. It will propel you into a task completing fit, or at the very least, prove to yourself that you can make more deadlines and finished them.

Make Being Self Disciplined A Task

You may think it is redundant to make self discipline a task on your list of goals but it is something that has to be built on a daily basis. Once again you can simplify this goal by taking your easiest temptation to resist and making it a task to avoid it. Of all your temptations, is your least tempting item watching TV? Make it a daily goal to keep the TV off until you complete another simple step towards your goal. Using your temptations as an incentive can help you gain stronger self discipline until you realize you do not need it anymore.

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