Step #2. Business Name



You did your research, and your idea is viable with an eager market. Now, what do you name your billion-dollar idea? Join us during this course to determine the perfect business name, and once you have one, how to find out if the name you have your heart set on is available both online and legally.

If not, let us guide you step by step with a fun brainstorming mindmap to discover the perfect name. We will show you the same process we went through to create our business name. Make sure your laptop is ready, we will be visiting the Tess website where we will find out if your name is trademarked or available (seek legal advice for conformation). We also dive into how to protect your name from people stealing it before it’s legally registered. Our last step will be to check all the social platforms and domains for availability and then you will be sure that your name is really yours!

Topic Covered

– General Naming Guidelines

– Is it Trademarked? Find out how to check

– Is it available as a .com and on social media (without altering) and why that’s so important

– Determining your 7 Why’s – How to come up with a great business name if you don’t have one

Course Materials

– 7 Whys

– Types of Business Names and Which are Legally Protected

– Creating Your Dream Business Name with Our 7 Step Mind Map

Why Us?

After 5 years in business and watching countless clients miss vital steps, some costing over $200,000, we decided to launch Action Mavens. We’ve helped clients with some of these steps for years but brought in industry experts to teach the other courses.

7 Whys 

7 Step Mind Map