Step #4: Business Structure


Your business is starting to take shape, but what kind of shape is it? Every business needs a solid foundation, but if you don’t apply boundaries for growth, things can get lopsided quick.

We brought in an award-winning Juris Doctorate business attorney to show us the ropes and debunk common myths. A managing partner at a law firm in his namesake, Sagar Raich will cover the different types of business structures and which one is the best fit for you based on your partners, income, team and more.

” It’s very very important that the structure is right, and once the structure is formed that the structure is maintained correctly and that you’re aware of not just the legal consequences and liability consequences of the entity, but also the tax consequences.” — Sagar Raich

What we dive into:

– How the wrong business structure can stunt growth

– Legal benefits of each structure

– Tax benefits of each structure

– Differences between each structure

Why did we pick Sagar as your teacher?

Raich Law helps all sizes and types of businesses from billionaires and celebrities to the person who’s risking it all to start their own company from scratch. Mr. Raich has experience in the fields of business law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, and immigration law. He also has worked in the financial industry and is well versed in that industry and its rules and regulations.