Step #3: Business Plan



You researched your idea and found a business name to call your own. Now it’s time to build your road map that will carry your business to exit, but how will you get there?

A business plan is your roadmap through the rough terrain that is the journey to success. Saddle up for this next course as our expert navigates the deep waters of creating the perfect business plan based on your goals. Get ready to follow along with your laptop as we will be taking you through creating it live.

“One of the most common misconceptions is that business plans are outdated and no longer useful for a business owner… A business plan really forces you to go through every single aspect of your business and think really hard about it. Do the research so that you actually have a plan to launch… Business plans are probably the most important thing you can do before you launch” — River Jangda

What we dive into:

– Why business plans are vital no matter what business you’re starting

– What business plans are used for in addition to being your road map

– Tools to create your business plan with ease

– The important details to include in your plan and why you shouldn’t miss them.

-How having a business plan is integral to acquiring investors

Course Materials:

– Business Plan Template

– Sample Business Plan

  • List of The Best Business Plan Tools

Why did we pick River as your teacher?

River Jangda is currently an MBA professor, owns a consulting firm, and has helped his clients raise over $20,000,000. He has also worked as a small business counselor for the Nevada SBA where he helped hundreds of small business owners with business plans, strategy, and fundraising.

In this course, you will learn step by step how to complete your business plan based on your goals.

Already have a business plan? Join us as we dive into what business structure is best for YOUR business.

Business Plan Tools 

Business Plan Template