Billion Dollar Idea

From Million-Dollar Idea to Billion-Dollar Business

Anyone Can Become a Business Owner 

Everyone in their life has had a million-dollar idea, not everyone has executed on it. Sara Blakely, Founder, and CEO of the Billion dollar brand, SPANX took the $5,000 she had in her savings account and made her idea a reality. If she can do it, so can you. 

Common misconception: You do not need to go to business school to start a business.  However, what you do need is to know what steps you need to take so you can get started, not stuck. 

Still not convinced you can do it? Here’s a famous quote from one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs we know, Sara Blakely: 

“The entire time everyone told me no, and said this isn’t a great idea. But let me tell you one thing, that means you’ve come up with something brand new. Take it as a compliment.” 

Almost every business owner I know took to google, asked mentors, and spent months looking into the proper steps they needed to take to launch their business. They relied on the so-called “gurus” that wrote blog pages, they hired expensive consultants, or they took to the Small Business Administration website. What’s wrong with all these options? None of them are in the right order, and none of them are taught by industry experts for each specific step. 

Over the five years I’ve been in business (Carty Media) I’ve watched countless businesses miss vital steps. Including watching a client lose over $200,000 from not doing a simple trademark search. So, I launched Action Mavens. We partnered up with the best production company in Las Vegas as well as industry experts (CPAs, Business Attorneys, and kick-ass entrepreneurs who’ve sold their companies to Fortune-100 brands) to bring you the 30 vital steps you need to follow to plan, launch, grow and maintain your business. We cover everything from idea viability down to marketing and branding techniques and end with how to set yourself up for a merger or acquisition. 

You can download the free 30-step checklist here that comes equipped with links to all of our favorite tools for each step. In there is also a trick for saving yourself $20,000 if you’re a business that takes CC payments! 

The courses will each be about an hour in length and recording starts on November 23rd! The big black Friday announcement is coming soon! 

Free Checklist:

Whether you’re in search of an idea, have an idea, are looking for what to do next, want to start a business or already has a business, this course is for you. 

You could be the next BILLION dollar brand.